Free Software by Sam Clippinger -- Calendar

Author: Sam Clippinger <samc (at) silence (dot) org>
Copyright: ©2006 Sam Clippinger
Portions ©2004 lookandfeel new media
License: GNU GPL v2
Current version: 3.7.0 (includes source) Archived versions: All versions (includes source) Documentation: Change Log
Installation instructions
Dependencies: Tomcat 5.5 or higher, MySQL 3.3 or higher.

Source language: Java
Target platform: Tomcat 5.5 or higher.
Description: This calendar project began out of frustration with other web-based calendar tools' inability to display a readable calendar format. It was very much a project to "scratch an itch" -- to meet an immediate need that the author had. Since then, it has evolved considerably into a very useful tool that produces prettier calendars than those printed by most organizer software.

Features include:

  • NEW! Subscriptions can be created to periodically fetch events from remote calendars, just like iCal and Sunbird can do.
  • Events on the calendar appear exactly as typed in the admin tool -- the descriptions are not cut off in the display. This makes the calendar just as useful when it's printed.
  • The entire calendar is rendered in HTML -- no Flash or Java is used.
  • Single-day, multi-day and occassional events are all supported. ("Occasional" events are those events that occur multiple times but don't necessarily follow a regular pattern.)
  • Repeating events are supported and can repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Events may be categorized for easy administration.
  • Nearly everything about the display is themable -- colors, fonts, border styles, first day of the week, weekday column widths, categories, etc.
  • A calendar may be setup as a "private" calendar, so the user must be logged in to see it.
  • NEW! A calendar may be setup as a "semi-private" calendar, so the user will only see the scheduled times but no event details.
  • The admin tool is password protected and different users can be assigned different permission levels.
  • Apple iCal and Mozilla Sunbird users can subscribe to the calendar with one click.
  • A really bland, unimaginative name makes it easy to discuss this project without being overheard by foreign intelligence agents.

The first version of this software was written in ASP (VBScript) and ran on IIS 4.0 or higher with a database on SQL Server 7.0 or higher. The current version has been completely rewritten in Java to run on Tomcat 5.5 or higher with a database on MySQL 3.3 or higher. The feature set has grown immensely since then. The two versions have no code in common.